Including big time shows and stuff outside the group, what podcasts do you all listen to?

The only show I never miss these days are The Death Adder Super Show & the bi-annual episode of Mondo Cool Cast. Up until recently I listened to Cartridge Club Weekly, but they retired a few weeks ago.

Here is a mishmash list of whats in my podcast bookmarks:

Adam Carrola - This was my go to commuting podcast for a long time. I rarely listen these days though.
Joe Rogan - This can be good depending on who is on. I realistically catch about 1 per month.
Gilbert Gottfried - This is the stuff of legends but it comes out too slowly. I binge this show every 6 months or so.
Jay and Silent Bob Get Old - Another one that I used to be deep into. In about 2014, this was my jam.
H3 Podcast - Goof + Gaff = Laff etc etc etc
GoNintendo - This was actually the first podcast I ever listened to and they are still up and running. The only thing that stops me from still listening these days is I didn't throw in with the Switch at this point so I'm only semi interested in Nintendo news.
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TigerClaw Radio
Freedomain Radio - It's a long running show about philosophy.  It sounds boring, but it's actually pretty interesting as usually current events/issues are discussed.
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I obvously listen to the podcasts of the group:
-Tiger Claw Radio
-Death Adder Super Show
-Mondocoolcast (as rare as it is these days)
-Kaiserkast (even rarer sadly)
-Rambling Pro Gamers (cmon Swingle make a new one)
-TheNextRound Podcast (When one is finished editing)

I have some that I listen to here and there. Actually alot that CF listens to, go figure:
-Joe Rogan: It is fun at times, depending on the guest and topic. I rather listen to parts of it.
-Rob Potylo Entertainment System: It was on an actual small radio show. Its his usual antics, and could be entertaining.
-Jay and Silent Bob get old: Listen to some episodes, liked it until Kevin Smith was roasting Jay for playing tabletop roleplaying games. He is like the biggest comic book geek out there.
-Adam Corolla: Listen to him and could be great at times. I like his take on Jum Carreys recent change.
-H3 podcast: Good stuff, again mostly listen to highlights.

Other then that I try sometimes some podcasts here and there, but I havent found one that stuck with me. Anybody can recommend me some?
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Usually just the same as everybody else
Tigerclaw Radio
Mondo Cool Cast 
Deathadder Supershow

and just for a little bit recently after not listening to them in a while, Classic L337. Main reason was that DB from Gooch and the Dooshebag fame came out of podcast retirement just last year before coming back into it as 2018 started. 

If anybody is interested in what happened to DB, check out this episode where he made his return. 


Gooch has been MIA since E3 2015. 
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Yay! Someone mentioned me and it wasn't Catcast!

Here's my setlist:
Tiger Claw Radio - One of the OG podcasts I listen to.
The Next Round - To hear how much of an ass we all get.
Beastcast - The real one, not the Giant Bomb one.
IGN Gamescoop - SCOOP!
Classic L337 - For DB.
Laser Time Podcast - Finally a popular podcast that has the same issues with the scene as I.
Talking Simpsons - They do good talking about The Simpsons.
Retronauts - Not as good as it used to be but is still good.
Thirty-Twenty-Ten - A good time capsule podcast.
Retro Fandango - Two Canadian's talking about games.
Cartridge Club - Teo more Canadians talking about games.
The Raven Effect - Remember Raven the Wrestler? Well that's him just clowning around for an hour.
The Super Secret Podcast/Let's Play - For editing purposes *TEASE*.
What A Cartoon Podcast - Like Retronauts but about cartoons.
Talk is Jericho - Another Canadian dude but talks about wrestling and other stuff.
Killing the Town - Two more Canadians talking about wrestling.
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