What's everybody looking forward to?

I myself am really looking forward to Aquaman. Sure, DC films get a lot of shit (and some of it is deserved) but I've personally enjoyed all the most recent DC films and personally felt Jason Momoa was one of the best things about Justice League. I'm also curious since James Wan is attached to the Resident Evil film reboot to see his directing style.

I also like video-game films, so I'm naturally curious about Wreck-it Ralph 2 which I have no idea when it's coming out in my neck of the woods (probably early next year). I liked the first Wreck-it Ralph and the whole cast seems to be returning, so I'm thinking it's going to be at least as entertaining as the first one.

I'm very likely to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in the near future as well. The Harry Potter films are a bit of a tradition in our family and I liked the first Fantastic Beasts (despite some awful deus ex machina bullshit in the final act).
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Orange Scarab

I'm looking forward to Darkness, My Old Friend. That isn't coming out, but it is constantly playing in my room ;p
The last movie I saw in theaters was Nacho Libre.  I'm hyped for RetroKaiser: The Movie, but that isn't a major release and I'm sure that doesn't count to your question.

To give a legitimate answer, there isn't a single movie coming out that I'm excited to see. My desire to see any of it died during the hype train of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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