It's NOT a lets play! It's NOT a podcast! It's bloody both!  Behold, Kaisercade's new show that works as a lets play and a podcast!  In this first episode I am joined with Cendoo as we talk about Emerald Rangers and all while playing Sonic Utopia!  The video version is out but the audio version will be out as soon as I find a place to upload it!

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Not a fan of fan-games myself, but this actually is a cool concept. I've mentioned (probably ad nauseum at this point) in our LP's that my biggest problem with 3D Sonic games, or more precisely Sonic's parts in them, is that they're constructed as a from-A-to-B running stages which kind of misses the point of making a game in 3D anyway.

This seems pretty rough still but I'd be happy if Sega would do something like this in the future.
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