• Retro Junk Box 1.0

    Started by Hemrawc: If you listened to the latest rendition of TCR (episode 254) then you may know that I have the pleasure of drumming up interest for the "Retro...

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  • High Score Thread

    Started by TigerClawTV: Keeping track of scores? Post em here! I spent a couple nights playing pinball before bed. These are the benchmark scores that came out of it. ...

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  • Jibber Jabber

    Started by Lite Studios: no one is talking time to be silly everyone say something random

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  • What games are you playing this week?

    Started by Lite Studios: This was the most successful topic on the old forums so, why not bring it back? Just a place to share your current gaming activities, I'll start....

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  • Movies you're looking forward to

    Started by TheHande: What's everybody looking forward to? I myself am really looking forward to Aquaman . Sure, DC films get a lot of shit (and some of it is...

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  • Your favourite game music covers

    Started by TheHande: Hey! I wanna make a post where people can post their favourite covers of game music (official/fan-made, either is fine). I'll start with a few from...

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  • Xlinkai

    Started by Kazlab208: So now that you got Jax X Combat Racing CF, we should definetly try to set a day to play a few races together. I'm free usually any night and have...

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  • Movie Talk

    Started by Kazlab208: A place to talk about recent movies you watched. Just saw The Disaster Artist a few days ago. What a work of art. James Franco should have won an...

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  • A Story of a Man in Pink Pajamas

    Started by Retrokaiser: Once there was a man who wore pink Pajamas that liked browsing though eBay. He did this because he liked buying big breasted anime toys without...

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  • Steam Summer Sale!

    Started by TigerClawTV: I know they aren't as huge for the rest of you as they are for me, but did anyone else pick anything up for the Steam Sale? Some notable stuff...

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  • Welcome to the Forums

    Started by Lite Studios: Call this a blast from the past or not, I hope all our communities can come together here. Please introduce yourself

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